Specter the Unchained – Operator Intro [Arknights]

Specter the Unchained – Operator Intro [Arknights]

Specter the Unchained – Operator Intro

Specter’s extended stay at Rhodes Island has brought about notable improvements in her physical and mental condition. Transitioning from a dazed, amnesiac buzzsaw-murderer to a more composed, confident, and artistic version of herself, she retains her affable demeanor. Despite these changes, Specter the Unchained remains true to her nature as a formidable combatant. Evolving from a 5-star Centurion Guard to a 6-star Dollkeeper Specialist, she continues her role as an immortal force, capable of grinding multiple enemies into a bloody paste. Additionally, she now possesses AoE Slow and Arts damage abilities in her substitute form.

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CTA-IMAGE ゲームに夢中になってくると、ついついガチャに課金したり、結局は欲しいキャラが手に入らなかったりなど、なかなか上手くいかない経験ってあるよね?そこで!!ゲームクラブなら今あるゲームアカウントを売って、強いアカウントをピンポイントで入手する事ができるよ!もちろん、運営サイトを仲介しての取引だから安心、安全!取引中のサポートも充実しているから興味のある方は覗いてみてね。


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