Arknights: GT-HX 1-3 CM [Badknights; Worst Ops by Meta Standards Only]

Arknights: GT-HX 1-3 CM [Badknights; Worst Ops by Meta Standards Only]

Badknights: “There are no bad Operators, just bad Doctors.” Fundamentally, this niche involves any Operators either ranked as B Tier or lower on the Gamepress Tier List, or considered a “Low-Tier Letdown” on Arknights’ TvTropes page, as the point of this niche is to not only uphold the merit of the aforementioned quote, but to also prove that you do not need a lineup of totally busted Meta Units just to play through the game, that you can raise whatever unit you want and they will still preform well because it’s not like the game will softlock if you do so, and that the reputation of these Operators featured have NOTHING to do with their actual strength and performance, regardless of rarity.

Additional guidelines and regulations for this niche:
– Operators under B Tier marked with a red border on Gamepress’ Tier List, meaning they are considered worthy low rarity investments equally as good as higher rarity units, are essentially “Meta by Technicality,” and are disqualified.
• Kroos, Melantha, Ansel, Midnight, Courier ❌️

– Operator archetypes (such as AoE Caster, Phalanx Caster, Instructor Guard, Duelist Guard) directly listed on Low-Tier Letdown’s page can have its Operators who belong in those subclasses “Low-Tier Letdown by Technicality” UNLESS they are stated as “exceptions”.
• Lava the Purgatory, Mint, Whislash, Jackie, Indigo, Utage ✅️
• (Nearl the Radiant Knight, Gitano, Silence the Paradigmatic, Mousse, Amiya (Guard), Rathalos S Noir Corne, Zuo Le ❌️

– If an Operator is listed on Arknights’ “Game Breaker” page on TvTropes they are disqualified regardless of other factors.

– Operators listed on “Former Game-Breakers who have fallen off the Meta” do not count for this niche. While they technically are “Not-Meta” anymore, they must be regarded as “mediocre” or “bad” Operators to actually qualify, UNLESS they belong to an Operator archetype (Phalanx Caster, Brawler Guard) listed on Low-Tier Letdown (making them qualify by technicality), or have been directly moved to the Low-Tier Letdown page.
• Angelina, Blaze, Schwarz, Nian ❌️
• Carnelian, Hellagur, Siege ✅️

– Operators listed under “Former Letdowns who have ascended from bottom tier” are not allowed as they are no longer considered bad Operators UNLESS they are NOT used in the method that got them out of the Low-Tier.
• Amiya (No Skill 3) ✅️
• Ch’en, Passenger, Mostima, Leizi, Skadi, Chain Casters (No Modules) ✅️
• Lappland (No Silencing Enemies; if there’s a single enemy with a silenceable ability on that stage, Lappland cannot be used on it) ✅️

– No Modules, as they are mainly the reason why several “bad Operators” are buffed to where they are no longer deemed “mediocre,” and are also what make several “Meta Units” be considered “good” (i.e: Executor the Ex Foedere, Ethan). This would also make the aforementioned Operators without their Modules “Low-Tier Letdown by Technicality”
Full List of Elgible Operators for Badknights:
0:00: GT-HX 1 CM
2:20 GT-HX 2 CM
04:46 GT-HX 3 CM

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