YOU NEED TO E2 PASSENGER FOR IS2! | Arknights CN Integrated Strategies

YOU NEED TO E2 PASSENGER FOR IS2! | Arknights CN Integrated Strategies

YOU NEED TO E2 PASSENGER FOR IS2! | Arknights CN Integrated Strategies

You have to E2 Arknights Passenger for Arknights Integrated Strategies 2 Crimson Solitaire IS2! Arknights IS2 releases this summer! Let’s get hype! There will be infinite amounts of gameplay to do, new ways to try your characters, and tons of fun! This is my Arknights Reaction to getting the most insane buffs ever!

In this video I give you a look at what Arknights Integrated Strategies 2 Crimson Solitaire IS2 is like in Arknights CN and one of the best runs I got in the game where I managed to beat the Phantom boss! This boss battle is very difficult and with there being very little Arknights IS2 guides out there, it is all up to luck if you will make it out winning! The entire new Arknights game mode is like one big gacha where anything is possible! Getting over 100% attack, the fastest attack speed in the game, and infinite SP which I showcase in this video!

I was able to get the Arknights IS2 item called “Hands of Proliferating” which does the following: [Dispersion Caster], [Chain Caster] and [Barrage Caster] gain 2 SP upon dealing damage to a target (Dusk, Passenger, Ifrit) (Credit Rhodes HQ)! This buff is amazing for chain casters specifically as they are able to attack tons of enemies with their attacks and as they slow enemies, they can get more attacks in. This works with chain casters like Arknights 4 star new character Arknights Pudding, Arknights 5 star caster Arknights Leizi, and Arknights 6 star caster Arknights Passenger! This works especially well on Passenger Arknights as during his skill 3, he gets huge range expansion, some of the biggest in the game, allowing him to hit enemies far away which triggers this SP buff! You have to try it!

I also showcase Arknights new upcoming character Blacknight! She is a very good Arknights 5 star ranged vanguard like Arknights 4 star tactician vanugard Arknights Beanstalk! Blacknight Arknights will be coming out this fall with the release of Arknights new limited banner featuring Arknights 6 star specialist Arknights Mr. Lee and Arknights 6 star limited supporter Arknights Ling!

Such a fun meme Arknights video!

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