Who should you pick for the upcoming 6-Star Selector in Stultifera Navis? | Arknights Guide

Who should you pick for the upcoming 6-Star Selector in Stultifera Navis? | Arknights Guide

Discord: https://discord.gg/YJ4njrSqEsKal’tsit
Thumbnail Art: https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/7662128

Obligatory disclaimer that you should pick who you want, I’m just some random person on the Internet who doesn’t touch grass and spends too much time on AK without playing AK.

Late video as always, irl and stuff got to me. I’m not sure about the whole coloured font thing, maybe I’ll change it to only 1 highlight for emphasis, because currently it looks too vibrant.

“Who are you getting for your Stultifera Navis selector?”: Bagpipe P5, I’ve already spent 250+ pulls on her recent standard (didn’t get anything) and 500+ certificates buying Royal Vanguard Tokens from the gold cert store (yes, cursed, f2pbtw), so I’m not giving up now :D.

“Why is Kal’tsit not in EX tier?”: She individually doesn’t carry as hard as Thorns in a general context unless you’re using S2, but then you’ll be doing M3 on her which isn’t the best recommendation.

“But Ch’en and Mostima are good with module!”: Not wrong, but they’d be at C tier with these considerations – with the additional MOD3 costs bumping them back down to D tier. I do concede that they’re better than Hoshi/Shining etc, but adding more tiers for bottom of the barrel stuff isn’t really good for clarity purposes.

“[Insert FAQ]”: Comments/Discord.

00:00 Start
01:00 EX
01:27 S
02:29 A
03:33 B
05:12 C
07:36 D

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