Two Can Play the Same Game! | Arknights

Two Can Play the Same Game! | Arknights

When I saw the challenge mode in stage PS-6 that the mortar leaders and Olmer Ingra are gonna be invisible, I have a stupid idea to clear this stage: Using Heavyrain to camouflage some of my operators to avoid ‘Left-Hand’ Tytus Topola attack debuff!

Yes, attack debuff. Not avoiding the mortar attacks!

This is, a second version of eight ops 5 star only run in PS-6 Challenge Mode, with a strats that I called as “Camo VS Invisible Strats”!

List of operators:
# Specter LVL 80 (E2) – S2 LVL 7 M3
# Beeswax LVL 80 (E2) – S2 LVL 7 M3
# Tequila LVL 65 (E2) – S2 LVL 7 M3
# Asbestos LVL 60 (E2) – S2 LVL 7 M3
# Ptilopsis LVL 60 (E2) – S2 LVL 7 M3
# Heavyrain LVL 50 (E2) – S2 LVL 7 M3
# Elysium LVL 50 (E2) – S2 LVL 7 M3
# Silence LVL 45 (E2) – S2 LVL 7 M3

BGM in this video:
LAST ORDER by Earliri
This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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It’s not a low rarity or low end squad, high end squad, 4 star only squad, or even specific class squad. This is a no 6 star squad run. Particularly 5 star squad! A fun run indeed!
PS-6 CM VS Eight Ops 5★ Only (Camo VS Invisible Strats)!


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