Tier List V20 – Ling/Lee- 29/07/2022 – Arknights [Global Server]

Tier List V20 – Ling/Lee- 29/07/2022 – Arknights [Global Server]

Is she broken?
Should you get her?
How about LEE?
And wow Blacknight looks amazing

0:00 Intro

Anti Air Sniper: 0:12
Sniper High precision: 0:33
Sniper Wide Range: 0:39
Sniper Aoe: 0:46
Short Range Sniper 0:54
Heavy Sniper: 1:01
Death from Above: 1:06

Caster Single Target: 1:11
Caster AOE: 01:24
Chain Caster: 1:37
Burst Caster 1:43
Barbecue Specialist: 1:48
Caster Defensive: 01:53
Drone Caster 01:59

Range Guard: 02:03
Support Guard 02:15
Dualstrike Guard: 02:23
Guard AOE: 02:29
Guard Duellist: 02:39
Guard Brawler: 02:51
Enmity Guard: 03:00
Guard Arts DMG: 03:06
Guard Reaper: 03:14
Guard Liberator: 03:14

Tanking Defender: 03:19
Arts DPS Tank: 03:36
Survival Defender: 03:42
Single Block Defender: 03:46
Healing Defender: 03:51
Fortress 4:01

Vanguard Skill: 04:05
Vanguard Utility: 04:21
Vanguard Kill: 04:26
Vanguard that can somehow summon things 04:35

Medic Single Target: 04:42
Medic Multi Target: 04:57
Wide Range Healer: 05:05
Wanderer Medic 05:11

Support CC 05:17
Support Buff: 05:28
Support Debuff: 05:33
Support Abjurer 05:40
Support Summon: 05:44
Artificer: 05:52
Imposter Specialist: 5:57

Specialist utility: 06:01
Specialist DP Eater: 06:09
Trapper: 06:15

Specialist CC: 06:20
Specialist Pull: 06:28
Specialist Push: 06:35
2 Lolis in 1: 06:42
Ending: 06:44

Again: This is only for reference purposes!!!
You may disagree with some things and that’s fine.
I haven’t tested every Operator in the game yet so I had to rely on other peoples opinions.
Let me know what you would change and I fix it in the next version.

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Special Thanks to Zafang for Helping me upgrading the list

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