The LAST Pyrite Gorge + Handholding – Day 9 CC5 Spectrum | Arknights

The LAST Pyrite Gorge + Handholding – Day 9 CC5 Spectrum | Arknights

Today is the last time we get to play Pyrite Gorge in Contingency Contract ever, let’s send Crownslayer out with a bang on Contingency Contract 5 Spectrum’s Day 9 map!

Handholding will be done after I’ve completed my own max risk run on Pyrite Gorge.
Handholding form:


Minecraft Server Whitelist link:

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Daily Handholding will be available for everybody. If you would like handholding for the Permanent stage 18 Risk or above, we’re only doing handholding for donators. Sign up on and send us a DM through Patreon.

Please understand that the reason we’re doing this is to:
1. Limit the number of requests to do the Perma stage
2. To keep the channel alive

There is NO GUARANTEE that if you donate, I will be able to clear 18 risk for you. There are plenty of other players who are better than me that can do this for FREE, if you are concerned about being able to clear 18 risk, go to them instead. The only thing I CAN GUARANTEE, is that I will TRY my best as, if you donate, you are directly contributing to the survival of the channel, and I can’t thank you enough for that.

Donation link:

If you’re a F2P Player or an Arknights Player in general and want some tips on how to clear higher risks on Contingency Contract #5, feel free to ask your questions here and I’ll try my best to answer them!

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