The Golden Finger: Pulling Tournament! Nearl The Radiant Knight!! ft. Skorak! | Arknights

The Golden Finger: Pulling Tournament! Nearl The Radiant Knight!! ft. Skorak! | Arknights

Do you have the skill to pull better than your friends?? Well now is the time to show that Skill with Nearl The Radiant Knight!!
How To Enter:
1. Have a way to Screen Share your Arknights over Discord (Bluestacks, LDPlayer, APowerMirror, etc.)
2. Join the Skor-Cave Discord:
3. Join THE THUNDERDOME channel and wait for your turn. Please Do not join the channel before we have the groups sorted out if you are not going to join.

All pulls must come in the form of a 10-pull, be it tickets or orundum.
Prelims: 10 pulls
Finals: 40 pulls

* The system places emphasis on getting event rate-up operators.
* As a tradition, the mark-up of Projekt Red (Skorak) and another operator selected by the Co-Host (Polarisu – Beeswax) are increased.
* For the first time, additional points are awarded for operators associated with the Kazimierz event trilogy: Ashlock, Fartooth, Blemishine

Rarity Bracket 1
3-stars: 0 points
4-stars: 5 points

Rarity Bracket 2
Off-banner 5-stars: 30 points
Corroseum: 50 points
Ashlock: 50 points
Projekt Red: 50 points
Beeswax: 50 points

Rarity Bracket 3
Off-banner 6-star: 80 points
Blemishine: 100 points
Fartooth: 100 points
Flametail: 100 points
Nearl the Radiant Knight: 120 points

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