The Future of the Arknights Community

The Future of the Arknights Community

Arknights is incredibly unique yet still unpopular. We need more playable content, community involvement, and content creator collaborations.
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0:00 – Introduction
0:29 – The F2P vs. Whales dilemma for developers
1:25 – Why Arknights is so unique amongst gacha games
2:45 – How popular is Arknights globally?
4:00 – Content creators are incredibly influential
5:21 – Developers are positioning games to appeal to content creators
6:21 – Arknights does not appeal to content creators
8:26 – Most gacha games have poor viewership
8:56 – Disclaimer on ‘passion’ content creators
9:51 – The future of Arknights content creation
11:13 – Final message

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