Special Ops Vs. Twilight of Wolumonde Event! Arknights

Special Ops Vs. Twilight of Wolumonde Event! Arknights

It’s time to beat the Twilight of Wolumonde with my Special Ops account!
How difficult will it be? can I do it?
What is my Special Ops account?
I am only allowed to use supporter and specialists throughout the entire game!
Summoners are not allowed…
What are summoners?
Mainly the ones with the archetype (Can summon Things)
So we include Mayer, Scene, Deepcolor and Magellan.
So Robin and Frost are allowed but until now I have never used them.

This Video was edited by Pika!
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That was the first time Pika edited the entire video with music and everything.
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Music Used:
Blue archive theme 11KARUT 03 – Connected sky (Gacha BGM)
Homunculus α – Astral Chain
Ribbon Ring Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Snakey Chantey (DKC 2 Diddy’s Kong Quest) [New Remix] – Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Soundtrack
kroos your eyes.mp3
[Arknights OST] frostnovadie
Briefing Mission Select DAEMON X MACHINA Soundtrack
Dededes Royal Payback – Kirby Triple Deluxe
[Blue Archive] Theme 02Mitsukiyo 02 – Luminous Memory
[Blue Archive] Theme 10Mitsukiyo 08 – Romantic Smile
Super Sonic Racing
Pokemon BlackWhite Music – N’s Castle Bridge
Punishing Gray Raven OST – War Zone
COSMOS (コスモス) – Bourbon Suite (1982)
Mute City – Mario Kart 8 [OST]
[Blue Archive] Theme 04Mitsukiyo 04 – Lovely Picnic
Snake Eater (Instrumental) – Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Gran Turismo 2 Soundtrack – Keiji Matsumoto – Blue Line (Instrumental Version)

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