Skywalking Global League #1 – Day 5 Highlights

Skywalking Global League #1 – Day 5 Highlights

Skywalking Global League #1 – Preliminaries Group A Bracket:
Skywalking Global League #1 – Preliminaries Group B Bracket:
Skywalking Global League #1 – Tournament Details:

Skywalking Global League #1 – Preliminaries Day 5:

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=== Players ===
Group A:
Fersangu (EN)
Winsok (TC)

Group B:
Qiu7 (EN)

=== Casters ===

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“Hesitation and confusion will be swept into the sea by raging waves,
Memories and songs will lead individuals towards distant lands.”

Competition Rules:
This competition is divided into two stages: preliminaries and knockout rounds.
Preliminary Stage: 20 contestants will be evenly divided into two groups, A and B, with 10 people in each group. The top 4 scorers in each group (8 in total) will advance to the knockout stage.
Knockout Stage: This stage is a 1V1 solo format. The first place in Group A (A1) will compete against the fourth place in Group B (B4), the second place in Group A (A2) will compete against the third place in Group B (B3), and so on. For detailed advancement methods, please refer to the schedule chart. The contestant with the highest score in each round will advance until the champion is determined!

Live Broadcast Schedule and Streaming Links:
The Babel Strategy Team’s live channel will broadcast the entire competition process in real-time, with commentary available daily to enhance the viewing experience for the audience. Here are the streaming links for different commentary streams:

Babel Strategy Team (Chinese commentary)
Aegir Organizing Committee (Chinese commentary)
Lungmen Dragons (English commentary)
Projekt Fuji (Japanese commentary)
Team Keo (Korean commentary)

Live Streaming Tips:
For servers other than the Simplified Chinese server, please refer to the local strategy team for the live broadcast schedule. Due to time zone differences, not all servers will have full live broadcasts. Audience members, please be aware of this.

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