Pozëmka vs Schwarz – Arknights DPS Boss Killing Showdown!

Pozëmka vs Schwarz – Arknights DPS Boss Killing Showdown!

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Is Pozëmka’s Typewriter stronger than Schwarz? How much of a difference in performance do their modules make? In this Arknights DPS Showdown video we put them to the test against the Corrupted Knight, Artillery Drones, Frostnova, Patriot, and Pompeii, then do a full buff/debuff showcase of each operator against Patriot. Who will come out on top?

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Schwarz art by Leria_V

Pozëmka art by 老摸头

lukrembo – marshmallow
Nikke OST
Tower of Fantasy Mia’s Kitchen OST
Kenneyon & daehan – Colors
Kenneyon – Samba

Time stamps:
0:00 Introduction
0:32 BlueStacks
0:56 Introducing the Contestants and Modules
2:13 Corrupted Knight MN-8
3:43 Imperial Army Targeteer
4:33 Patriot
5:51 Frostnova
7:23 Full Buff/Debuff vs Patriot
7:51 So who won?

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