I Simplified My 5★ Sniperknights Run into Five Ops Run! | Arknights

I Simplified My 5★ Sniperknights Run into Five Ops Run! | Arknights

Previously I did a 5 star sniperknight in stage IW-9 with nine snipers. But there’s a thought in my mind that I can simplified the run by maximizing the capability of Firewatch invisibility and April-Kroos the Keen Glint camouflages strats to its fullest.

After so many attempts and thought it was impossible to pulled this off, I finally did it to the point I brought five snipers!

This is Five Ops 5 Star Sniperknights in stage IW-9!

List of operators:
# Firewatch LVL 80 (E2) – S1 LVL 7 M3
# April LVL 60 (E2) – S2 LVL 7 M3
# Toddifons LVL 55 (E2) – S1 LVL 7 M3
# Kroos the Keen Glint LVL 50 (E2) – S1 LVL 7 M3
# Aosta LVL 70 (E1) – S1 LVL 7

BGM in this video:
– PHOENIX HAWK by Earliri
Link: https://youtu.be/1kfxfGop67k
This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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It’s not a low rarity or low end squad, high end squad, 4 star only squad, or even specific class squad. This is a no 6 star squad run. Particularly 5 star squad. A fun run indeed
IW-9 – Five Ops 5★ Sniperknights (Camouflage/Invisible Core)!


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