【Arknights】Brawlerknights…? TiredKnights | CC#7 Week 2 | Permanent Stage

【Arknights】Brawlerknights…? TiredKnights | CC#7 Week 2 | Permanent Stage

To The Description!

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I’m just lazy and tired…
anyways Arknights CC#7 Week 2 is here, and it’s way harder than before, some risk are totally not free because they just got worse than before. so I won’t try doing risk 20+ on my clear because it’s already way too much for me to think, I have also an exam happening so It’s hard to think 2 things at once

I have been tried and burnt out from arknights so I’m trying my best to come up with some content for you guys, mostly all brawlerknights content is about to end/run out? (IS#2 coming soon, so it might revive the content)
trying my best to do

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(ALIVE [Instrumental], Arknights)

(Disclaimer; I don’t own the music being played on my video, rightful credits to the original producer/owner.)

What I’m using?
LDplayer 4.0.67 (Emulator)
Davinci Resolve 17 (Editer)
OBS Studio 64x (Recorder)

I’m Post an Arknights Content Creator, I love Tuye and Brawlerknights!
I hate the name “Fighter” in my Brawlers…



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