【Arknights】【Rhodes island Diary】Dragon Boat Festival

【Arknights】【Rhodes island Diary】Dragon Boat Festival

【Arknights】【Rhodes island Diary】Dragon Boat Festival

The “Dragon Boat Festival” viewing platform is very suitable for watching the rain, and it is also very suitable for viewing the scenery. For the Doctor, it was a pleasant surprise to be able to eat “rice dumpling” with Kal’tsit.

This year’s “rice dumpling” was made by Matterhorn. He learned very fastand is worthy of being a chef. Hibiscus also made some rice dumplings, but few people dared to eat them. After all, anyone who sees the purple steam on the freshly baked rice dumplings will not have a good appetite.

Such a large lake is suitable for dragon boat racing. However, except for Nian、Dusk、Ling, few operators know what kind of sport dragon boat racing is.Such a large lake is very suitable for dragon boat racing.
However, few operators except ABC three know what kind of sport dragon boat racing is. In the end, only the three sisters were rowing a boat to see the scenery.

In the distance is a newly built watchtower. Although it is not necessary, if the Doctor sometimes wants to avoid Kal’tsit, he may sneak up to the tower to see the scenery. It was a perfect plan, but it was a pity that Warfarin discovered it. The doctor is trying to figure out how to please Warfarin these days, otherwise he’ll have to consider building a new basement to avoid the limelight
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