【Arknights】Brawlerknights Vs Kazimierz! Arena Battle | Arknights Maria Nearl Event Rerun

【Arknights】Brawlerknights Vs Kazimierz! Arena Battle | Arknights Maria Nearl Event Rerun

To The Description!

Clearing MN (Rerun) Event with Brawlerknights
some stages or not possible with the requirement operators needed to support the Brawlers, but it’s fun to do it~

Tuye is also the only medic I can bring in the stage, because Tuye
for the other operators, they have their own purpose to do in a stage
– Clear a lane where brawlers can’t reach
– Clear enemies that brawler can’t hit
– Support some buffs/debuffs on brawlers
– Sustain the brawlers

Brawlerknights/Brawlers are really fun Sub-Class of guards in Arknights
they’re really great for evading/dodging attacks (except for flint) and have high atk spd than normal guards, and extremely cheap to deploy also!

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Time stamp
0:00 Introduction
0:33 MN-1 | Ellen Select Technology Co.
2:20 MN-2 | Roar Guards Co.
4:38 MN-3 | Rose Paper Union
6:54 MN-4 | Glorious Shield Industries
9:11 MN-5 | Słoma Food Co.
11:13 MN-6 | Blue Ear Wine Cellar
13:38 MN-7 | Mieszko Group
16:41 MN-8 | General Chamber of Commerce (Final)
19:23 MN-EX-1 | Power-on Test
21:53 MN-EX-2 | Symmetrical Glaciers
23:58 MN-EX-3 | Members-Only Passage (Separate-Squads)
26:17 MN-EX-4 | Enemies On All Sides
28:30 MN-EX-5 | Silent Chorus
31:58 MN-EX-6 | Bomb Maze
35:31 MN-EX-7 | Left-Handed Battle (Anti-Aerial Squad)
37:56 MN-EX-8 | Ancient Dual (Final)

(Exterminate Darkmemoir, Arknights)

(Maria Nearl Dubstep, Arknights)

(Reign of Lords, CDMusic Calamity)

(Disclaimer; I don’t own the music being played on my video, rightful credits to the original producer/owner.)

What I’m using?
LDplayer 4.0.67 (Emulator)
Davinci Resolve 17 (Editer)
OBS Studio 64x (Recorder)

I’m Post an Arknights Content Creator, I love Tuye and Brawlerknights!
I hate the name “Fighter” in my Brawlers…



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