【Arknights】Brawlerknights Vs Interlocking Competitions | Hymnoi Wisdom

【Arknights】Brawlerknights Vs Interlocking Competitions | Hymnoi Wisdom

To The Description!

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I have recorded this like 2 days ago, so here! a Brawlerknights Video just for you (well technically ahm Idk sort of? well idk) but I hope you enjoyed this video and a Happy near year! 2022 is here!

the reason why I didn’t put 3 minos in the stage because I can’t find a way to kill the last 1 if the 3rd one showed up. so don’t say i’m a noob and skill issues 🙁

LDPlayer Sponsor 0:00
Introduction 0:30
LK-DP-A 1:00
LK-DP-B 3:00
LK-DP-C 5:00
LK-DP-D 7:34
FIN-TS 11:01
Outro 15:25

Arkonutz Discord Server https://discord.gg/pRMt6RvYC3
ZephNeko Discord Server: https://discord.gg/Ftx89Xy

(Title, Arknights)

(EpicBattle2, Peritune)

(EpicBattle_J, Peritune)

(Keep the Torch, Arknights)

(disclaimer, I don’t own the rights of the original producer, all rights to the rightful owner)

What I’m using?
LDplayer 4.0.67 (Emulator)
Davinci Resolve 17 (Editer)
OBS Studio 64x (Recorder)