CC#5 Spectrum: Risk 28 – 「Arena 8」 Permanent Stage ft. Rosmontis | Arknights

CC#5 Spectrum: Risk 28 – 「Arena 8」 Permanent Stage ft. Rosmontis | Arknights

Phew, finally done beating Seekers and 🅱usan (if you know, you know); was substantially easier than Week 1 Risk 26, but still did pose a level of difficulty.

Didn’t copy a strat, but definitely had elements of other clears mixed in here due to me watching hundreds of clears for my prior CC#5 Left/Crab Lane theory videos.

Gated on R30 by not having Suzuran unfortunately, and seeing as there’s a grand total of ONE clear on CN for R30 that is doable without Bagpipe P5, I think R28/R29’s a good place to stop for a non-whale player (I’m F2P haha).

Will be trying for R29 with Schwarz but probably don’t expect much, I’m no longer spending 5+ hours a day malding a run like what I tried for W1R26, maximum putting in like 3-4 hours total before I call it quits for this CC, as fun as it’s been.

As for this run, it’s incredibly RNG intensive due to me trying to force Mountain to work on Crab Lane (since I’ve gotten a couple of people doubting his viability this high), and there’s 3-4 instances where he dies 50% of the time, at least with my defective P1 Lv85 S2M3 unit. Probably one of the more braindead runs you’ll find out there, with the exception for the ending.

Shift cancelling is here exclusively to stop the Bladehelm Caster’s ATTACKS – not the debuff – since it allows Surtr to live ever so slightly longer and the 2-3 extra hits does make a difference. Timing’s not too precise, but you still need to sort of know what you’re doing – see the 2nd Bladehelm on the right side, where I placed cannon preemptively and it still stopped 2 auto-attacks from his 2nd life.

Again, thanks for watching, subscribe if you enjoyed – I’ll be back on theory content hopefully next Monday – and have a great day!

Risks Taken: (Assume highest level for those not mentioned)
R3 Invis Knight
R2 Caster/Defender Ban
R2 Deploy Limit
R2 AtkDown (You can also go R1 AtkDown + R1 HpUp)
R0 HpUp

Thumbnail Rosmontis: