CC#7 「Pine Soot」 Official PV | Arknights CN News

CC#7 「Pine Soot」 Official PV | Arknights CN News


Robin skin looks fucking amazing as usual.

Also, the CC#7 risks tells us that:
Pine Soot will be based off OF (Ceylon Event) and WR (Dusk Event); and thus, the enemies will involve smarties (explody suicide wisps) and also Pompeii (volcano rock).

An alternate possibility is that the Pompeii risk might be as a result of a new daily map, which I don’t think is likely considering that there are so many different iterations of those risks.

I didn’t think we’ll have a CC season more disastrous than CC#6 so soon, but HG always manages to surprise us.

Please for the love of everything that is holy do not give us 99 roadblocks and -90% DP risk or something similarly insane.