“Paranoia Bubble” IS#3 1st Boss | Arknights CN

“Paranoia Bubble” IS#3 1st Boss | Arknights CN

“Paranoia Bubble”

Ability :
Lose 30 target HP when entering the target point; hover close to the ground ; the attack speed of allied units within the attack range is greatly reduced; attack 3 targets at the same time and cause additional erosion damage , if the target is insufficient, you can attack the same target multiple times; in the second form The attack range is expanded, the attack speed reduction effect is enhanced, and 5 targets are attacked at the same time.

Talent :
The attack speed of all allied units within the attack radius of the first form
is -60 . Each attack action performs 3 attacks (prioritize attacks on different targets, but can attack the same target).
The attack adds erosion damage equivalent to 60% of the attack power and
is executed after being knocked down 20 seconds of rebirth, restore 100% health, enter the second form after resting for 17.8s, all allied units within the attack radius of the second form have a -80 attack speed

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