Is Arknights P2W? (it’s complicated)

Is Arknights P2W? (it’s complicated)

“Pay-To-Win” has always been a tricky phrase to define. Today, we explore whether P2W exists in Arknights and the validity of my opinion.
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0:00 – Disclaimer
0:51 – My definition of “Pay-To-Win”
1:08 – Why this topic is important
1:48 – What can you pay for in Arknights?
2:52 – Why “PVP” exists in Arknights
4:06 – Arknights is P2W…
5:43 – Arknights is a “F2P game”
6:30 – The reality of F2P game developers
7:49 – Arknights is NOT P2W…
9:27 – The framework of P2W is faulty
10:08 – Arknights is “F2P-Friendly”

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