I Refined This Community CC Challenge Strats into Risk 18 Clear! | Arknights

I Refined This Community CC Challenge Strats into Risk 18 Clear! | Arknights

Few days ago I participated in @Vifer CC7 Challenger Series community event. Spoiler alert, I didn’t win this time. But there’s one of the challenge that caught everyone off guard, including myself. And that is, risk 12 supporterknights challenge!

I managed to clear it nonetheless and take 2nd in the last challenge. However, there’s a thought in my mind that said,
“Can I go risk 18 with this squad?”

This is how I clear risk 18 (week 2) with my own supporterknights in Contingenct Contract 7 – Operation Pine Soot!

List of operators:
# Scene LVL 80 (E2) – S2 LVL 7 M3
# Istina LVL 70 (E2) – S2 LVL 7 M3
# Mayer LVL 70 (E2) – S2 LVL 7 M3
# Sora LVL 70 (E2) – S2 LVL 7 M3
# Podenco LVL 55 (E2) – S2 LVL 7 M3
# Pramanix LVL 50 (E2) – S2 LVL 7 M3
# Shamare LVL 35 (E2) – S2 LVL 7 M3
# Orchid LVL 55 (E1) – S1 LVL 7

Skadi the Corrupting Heart LVL 90 (E2) – S3 LVL 7 M3

BGM in this video:
– Local Forecast – Elevator Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

– PHOENIX HAWK by Earliri
Link: https://youtu.be/1kfxfGop67k
This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Vifer CC7 Challenger Series: https://youtu.be/h7DotXTxRSI

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– https://twitter.com/tamasuteneko​
– https://www.instagram.com/tamastraycat/

It’s not a low rarity or low end squad, high end squad, 4 star only squad, or 5 star only squad. This is a supporter only run, the supporterknights!

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CTA-IMAGE 遊ばなくなったアプリゲーム.。。。 せっかく課金までしたのに、このまま アカウント削除するのは勿体ないな。。 なんて思った事ありませんか? そんなお悩みの方にフリマ感覚で 売買ができるサイトをご紹介します。 勿論、運営サイトを仲介しての取引だから 安心、安全!取引中のサポートも充実しているから興味のある方は覗いてみて下さい。 只今、無料会員登録受付中!