Ebenholz Skill 3 Showcase | Arknights CN

Ebenholz Skill 3 Showcase | Arknights CN

Hi! Today’s showcase is Ebenholz using skill 3 mastery 3.
Since I don’t have him, I can only borrow from the support unit, and that’s why I’m only using Sora for the sleep debuff, my Blemishine and Kafka aren’t fully upgraded.

And why use sleep? When the enemies are sleeping, Ebenholz cannot attack them, and for that time, he’s charging until it’s fully charged and do a burst again.
For the skill description, read the pinned comment.

And one more thing is that he’s kinda hard to be showcased for now, so I can’t fully showcase him on every boss.

Music :
Snowbelle City (Pokémon X and Y)
One Step Closer (Eternal Love Mix – Ragnarok Online)
Lingering Echoes Boss Battle (Arknights)

Timestamps :
00:00 – Ebenholz
00:07 – W
00:29 – Skullshatterer
00:51 – Crownslayer
01:12 – Frostnova
02:03 – Big Bob
02:57 – Murdock
03:09 – “The Big Ugly Thing”
03:49 – Jesselton
04:31 – “Emperor’s Blade”, Pursuer
05:27 – 6-5
07:46 – Outro

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