Arknights PV: [Pinus Sylvestris]

Arknights PV: [Pinus Sylvestris]

#Arknights PV: [Pinus Sylvestris]

Translation Credit: Lauli

Chastina, are you really setting out?

Play your harmonica again.
Anything is fine, everyone loves your tunes.

Within a luxurious city, the infected will always escape to these cold and narrow corners.

Chastina the knight has a home, and relatives and friends who expect her return.
But these don’t belong to Chastina the infected.

Not only the infected, here, may people have no place to call home.

Kazimierz is a spire. A tall spire.
Honor didn’t abandon Kazimierz, people abandoned honor themselves.

Who would think of the infected among the knight families?
The nobles wouldn’t care about the lives of the infected.

I can’t go back.
If the wind can really bring my voice back, then please stay silent.
Don’t say anything apart from the harmonica’s tunes.

If there’s nowhere to go—
Chastina, will you join us?

I came up with the name. Pinus Sylvestris, our own knight club.