[Arknights] Perfumer || Character Design Hot Take #shorts

[Arknights] Perfumer || Character Design Hot Take #shorts

A short giving my opinion on the character design of Perfumer from Arknights.
#shorts #Arknights #characterdesign

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As a treat to you description readers:
Ok. Not exactly the weekend but this short is to make up for the last couple of weeks so don’t mind the use of “this week” in the video. Don’t worry, I should be able to get another out on Friday.
There was so much I wanted to say about Perfumer’s design. I managed to squeeze most of it in by cutting the outro, but even this is a version of the script that was heavily reduced. I hope all my points come across as effectively…
To that end, I hesitate to say fennec fox in the video because between her name and place of origin she’s clearly Greek or Minoan in inspiration and fennecs are native to Africa. But her pet manifest thing is pretty clearly a fennec and not another breed like Persian.
Speaking of the fox, I’m not sure about it because it seems to be coming from her staff in her E2 art but it’s more well defined than most other manifests, plus she has a quote after promotion that refers to it, and it shows up in both her skins as its own animal. So on the fence about what to call it.
In the files Perfumer is just known as “flower” and I wonder if that signifies she was always associated with the greenhouse but the perfumer role was added later to fit her gameplay…
Also my favorite voice actress voices Perfumer. So that’s neat.

I think I like the existence of the manual subtitle box and it’s here to stay, but it still takes work to do, so please appreciate its existence. Thanks.


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