Arknights JP Livestream Summary And Stultifera Navis Event Overview

Arknights JP Livestream Summary And Stultifera Navis Event Overview

JP Livestream Summary and Stultifera Navis event information
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0:00 Intro
0:29 CC#8 Data, Chapter 10 Extreme stages, IS#2 Expansion
0:55 Stultifera Navis Limited Banner and new operators
4:23 New skins, Skalter Live 2D skin
6:34 Skin Rerun, W Live 2D skin
7:18 Stultifera Navis event mechanic and enemies
9:23 PO First clear rewards, shop, Farmable stages
9:43 New modules
9:55 Annihilation sweep ticket
10:19 New CE-6 and LS-6 stages
10:31 6-star Selector ticket
10:50 Misc
11:08 Arknights 3rd anniv announced
11:26 The Adios

🎵 Music used :
Arknights in-game OST: Guide Ahead event lobby theme
Arknights IS#3 Caerula Arbor website theme
Arknights Ship of Fools OST

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Arknights JP Livestream


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