Arknights Helltaker Dance

Arknights Helltaker Dance

This video is dedicated to my senpai Takdes, he always had faith on me, i putted my effort and skill to show that i can pull out quality videos , regardless of this i want to thank you all for your support and yes I AM BACK like terminator said
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►Motion: 博丽x海苔 , 我一直在屋外待机 and Ssons Ssons
►Song: Mitssies Vitality
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1. Skadi 少 し 明 る い 海
2. Takdes by me
3.Amiya 少 し 明 る い 海
4. Ifrit by omega
5.Talulah Maxim
6. Lappland eLLine
7. Nian Sodacandy666
8. Dusk Sodacandy666
9. Mudrock doktah92
10. Texas Yata
11. Surtr Reia
12. Doctor Riko
13. Chen 少 し 明 る い 海
14. Feater 少 し 明 る い 海
15. Crownslayer Biotheweeb
16. Skadi 2 Yata
17. Gladiia wahoo363
18. Poca Sodacandy666
19. Chen2 Yata
20. swartz 黑/白_血色
21. patriot jackstone
22. ptilosis hero warrior
23. Silence Doktah92
24. Saria MMDDRR
25. Myrtle Doktah92
26. Frostnova Yata
27. Project Red Doktah92
28. Blaze Solace 【ソレース】
29. Kaltsit Sodacandy666
30. Pramanix Doktah92
31. Rope Doktah92
32. Cliffheart Doktah92
33. Melanta Doktah92
34. Mostima Doktah92
35. Eyjafjalla Doktah92
36. Perfume Doktah92
37. Gumi Doktah92
38. Robin Doktah92
39. Swire Doktah92
40. Beanstalk Doktah92
41. Utage Doktah92
Background template by u/Rainbowcowdragon
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