[Arknights] H8-4 except Thorns does everything

[Arknights] H8-4 except Thorns does everything

defeating the normal mobs? check
dpsing talulah? check
tanking the fire? check
valiantly sacrificing himself for the hostages? …well, that didn’t happen on practice, but sure, make it dramatic

in fact he’s so good at dpsing talulah i had to bring ptilopsis to have nightingale’s skill charge fast enough for the second meteorite round
what even

can’t believe i actually had to pay attention to boss mechanics
jt8-3 i totally ignored the ignite but here it’d kill nightingale so we bring the fast redeploy squad

recorded the autodeploy again so you don’t see the hundred times i paused to panic aha
on practice to save that precious 10 sanity yes
just click them both at the same time, try it yourself

thorns/gravel/specter/silverash/saria/jaye/elysium/myrtle: m3
projekt red/nightingale/nearl/ptilopsis: sl7


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