[Arknights] H5-3 Ranged Only

[Arknights] H5-3 Ranged Only

Stage: H5-3

H5-3, one of the extreme stages in Chapter 5, has tons of infused originium slugs to deal with, and with the addition of defense crusher leaders, Crownslayer and poison haze, this stage is very annoying. This video is a simple walkthrough in this stage using only ranged units.


Schwarz E2L70 S1L7
Eyjafjalla E2L60 S3M3
Angelina E2L45 S3M1
Suzuran E2L30 S2M2
Platinum E2L80 S2M3
Blue Poison E2L40 S1M1
Ptilopsis E2L30 S2L7
Perfumer E1L60 S1L7
Podenco E1L30 S2L7

Just for fun only, don’t be angry 🙁

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