[Arknights] H5-1 7 Operators

[Arknights] H5-1 7 Operators

Stage: H5-1

H5-1, one of the extreme stages in Chapter 5, has some similarities with 5-7, except that the map layout and A2 drones that can destroy jammers makes operator deployment really restrictive. This video is a simple walkthrough in this stage.


Schwarz E2L70 S3M3
Blaze E2L45 S2M3
Nightingale E2L40 S3M3
Saria E2L30 S1M1
Archetto E2L20 S3L6
Platinum E2L80 S2M3
Myrtle E2L10 S1M3

Just for fun only, don’t be angry 🙁

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