At last my Reaction to the Arknights Laterano event announcement is here! My reaction to Arknights Endfield will also be out soon! I missed you all a lot! I am happy to be back!

In this video we go over the Arknights Guiding Ahead event characters, soon to Arknights release in Arknights EN! The new characters consist of the Arknights new 5 star free welfare Arknights no gacha specialist Arknights Enforcer, Arknights new 5 star Dollkeeper specialist Arknights 5 star Kazemaru, who is also the same character type as Arknights 5 star free no gacha Arknights welfare Arknights Bena. We also got the release of the famous and highly anticipated character, Arknights 6 star AoE sniper Arknights Fiammetta! She has a similar playstyle as Hu Tao from Genshin Impact where she loses HP in exchange for more damage!

Also my favorite Arknights AoE 5 star caster Leonhardt just got buffed! Leonhardt got his Leonhardt Arknights module! Leonhrdt module! YAY! I’m so happy! He will surely do a lot more damage and his kit was already very good to begin with! Now he will be even better! All Arknights splash AoE casters and Arknights AoE snipers also got Arknights modules to buff them!

Arknights Endfield is going to be releasing globally in the future as well! I am very excited for it! Can’t wait to talk about it more in my next video!
Arknights Enfocer looks so cute! I can’t wait to read more about his lore!

Also yes, I finally moved to Japan! I have been waiting for over 6 months since my initial moving date so I am very happy to be settled down here!


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