[Arknights/CN] IS#2 | “Playwright” Boss Fight (4th Ending | Normal mode)

[Arknights/CN] IS#2 | “Playwright” Boss Fight (4th Ending | Normal mode)

[Arknights/CN] IS#2 | "Playwright" Boss Fight (4th Ending | Normal mode)

tdlr; this boss is faust + mandragora + talulah combination.

Boss info
Damage Type: Ranged Art

HP: 80000
ATK: 800
DEF: 1000
RES: 50
ATK Interval: 4s
Range: Global
MSPD: 0.6
Weight: 7
Immune to all CC except Slow, bind and Float.

+ Unblockable (Faust), normal attack deals Art dmg to target and 4 adjacent tiles.

+ When HP Below 50%, all damage dealt from “Playwright” increases by 50%, DEF +100%, RES +80%. Immediately use S1 then S2, and Consume CDs of Skills are reduced by 25%.

+ S1 – Full screen ATK (10/20s or 15s): Targets all targets on the field and deals 80% Art damage to the targets and 4 adjacent tiles.

+ S2 – Playwright’s Attention (0/20s or 15s): Select 1 most recently placed OPERATOR (Summon units will get ignored) on the field, apply permanent debuff which:
* Reduce 50% ASPD.
* Deals Art damage every second equal to 4% of the target’s Maximum HP.
* When target retreats from the battlefield while having the debuff, seal that target’s tile (Frostnova’s Black Ice), and also increase the target’s redeployment time by 50%.

Note: 2nd Skill will not reselect target that has been debuffed.

VOD were from the previous stream

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