[Arknights] CC#7 Risk18 w/Platinum

[Arknights] CC#7 Risk18 w/Platinum

“Once Platinum reaches the critical point of lvl, there’s no such thing as no dmg anymore, since every strike of her’s is a burst attack”

Platinum with skill & cc tag: 1sec/(100aspd originally – 20aspd from skill – 40aspd from tag)% = 2.5sec attack interval which is 100% talent activation for Platinum (by theory cuz frame loss is a thing)
Been trying to figure this out since cc started, finally did it today, the Saileach timing & placement took sooo long to do, used Elysium first to slow the smarties down but then Platinum couldn’t kill the envies for the aspd buff.
Tried several different ops at the beginning beforefor SA + Eyja; Surtr, Thorns, Nearl all couldn’t work, finally thought to leak the first blindy and used Eyja but Eyja couldn’t do shit either until I placed Saileach on the right instead of the middle.
Used other healing defenders first but the defender & SA would die to the envies & smarties so I used Maria for uninterrupted healing and so that Platinum could focus on the envies when the bity is asleep too.
With all of that I could finally survive all the envies & smarty waves and then I found out that Warfarin + Ptilopsis had an almost synced skill cd with the boss, the boss has a slightly shorter cd and if Warfarin’s first skill activation is the same with the boss then will eventually be faster and kill everyone. Managed to figure out the Warfarin skill timing for the boss today.

Now that I think about it, I could have activated Saileach & Shamare 1 extra time during Warfarin cd to kill the boss faster..

– PvZ Crazy Dave (Intro Theme)
– 象王行 by 关大洲 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6zlOzqAnLc
– Arknights Who Is Real BGM – Dustdragon
– 水龙吟 by 关大洲 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fsYr20VVH3Q

bruh the 2 chinese tracks are copyrighted

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