[Arknights] CC#7 Perma Site Week1 Risk18 No Brain Easy Clear

[Arknights] CC#7 Perma Site Week1 Risk18 No Brain Easy Clear

Optimized from my old strat: https://youtu.be/vHQMDunrjZs , got rid of the radiant knight
Again, you don’t need to pay attention on the number of boss’ attacks baited if you have an extra helidrop unit like Skadi or NTRK
2nd strat is just relatively easy, it also has a limited unit, I recommend the 1st one.
Also, the boss’ shield goes by a timer, not by attacks, just a fun fact

no potential required
All units are M3
lv60 & higher is optimal, lower is still doable.
The hard thing is gonna be the blindies, SA can’t kill then at lower lv, you gotta slow em down with orchid
Surtr will need additional assistance from other helidrops, deploy them after the boss blew up his shield.
Exu/Ash low lvl makes the run impossible, I think’

Simplest way of clearing I can think of, using extra units makes it even easier.

0:00 Exu Kal Surtr
5:50 Ash SA Surtr

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