[Arknights] – [Arknights] – Which LIMITED Packs to buy? (2nd anniversary)

[Arknights] – [Arknights] – Which LIMITED Packs to buy? (2nd anniversary)

Arknights 2nd anniversary is giving us a lot of rewards and also limited packs! Some of these packs are worth buying, but some of them are not.
Here are the individual packs:
Duck Lord’s Change Purse – $6.99
2nd Anniversary Upgrade Pack – $9.99
Senior Operator Training Pack – $19.99
2nd Anniversary Party Pack – $29.99
2nd Anniversary Carnival Pack – $49.99

Radiant Vibes – Harris Heller

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0:00 Intro
0:40 Duck Lord’s Change Purse
1:33 2nd Anniversary Upgrade Pack
2:20 Senior Operator Training Pack
3:02 2nd Anniversary Party Pack
4:00 2nd Anniversary Carnival Pack
5:25 Recommendations
6:20 Outro