[Arknights] 10-4 Speedrun and Trust Farm (4 Ops / 1:45) – Get Aketon in under 2 Minutes!

[Arknights] 10-4 Speedrun and Trust Farm (4 Ops / 1:45) – Get Aketon in under 2 Minutes!

I’m back with another speed clear, with the focus this time being on Aketon. This one is super easy to follow and doesn’t require much so long as you have your starting deployment order covered. I have a couple more of these speed clears for farming in the works, so hopefully everyone will come around for those as well!

For the Operators, it really depends on your squad. Mountain can be replaced with any cheap unit that can hold to top lane without healing, such as Flametail S3. Bagpipe can be easily replaced with either Siege S2 or Saga S2 depending on if you want to manually activate their skills or not. Thorns is a bit trickier to find a replacement since his range is what allows these kills to be so quick, but any guard with good burst DPS skill on a short cooldown could work (Maybe Ch’en with Module and S3?). Horn can only be replaced with her 5 star counterpart Ashlock since you need the 3 Block to bait the cannon on the map, but you’ll probably need a high level on Ashlock to survive the blast. The nice thing about Horn is that anything lower then mine should automatically activate her talent, so be aware of that if you Horn is below E2 Lvl 70!

As always, I hope your found this useful and if you have any suggestions on alternative units, feel free to post them in the comments. I’ll see you guys in the next video, whenever that is 🙂

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Horn :https://twitter.com/dailybloopy/status/1585138007577071617

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1) Elsewhere by Rhodz Ft. Pipo Fernandez – https://soundcloud.com/kinphonic/rhodz-elsewhere-ft-pipo-fernandez

Here is an info-graph I use to determine which stages are worth farming – https://gamepress.gg/arknights/news/arknights-material-farming-efficiency-best-stages-farm

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